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A Decade Of Color: SugarPill’s Anniversary Collection Is Here To Remind Us What They Do Best

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A Decade Of Color: SugarPill’s Anniversary Collection Is Here To Remind Us What They Do Best

Let’s take it back to a simpler time: back when Queen of Blending was doing makeup tutorials on her bedroom floor and showing you the latest Lip Tars from OCC, there was a brand that reigned supreme when it came to bold, colorful eyeshadows.  That brand was SugarPill.  To celebrate 10 years of color, they put out an anniversary collection at the end of last year, and I decided to snap up a few things and see how they stacked up against the SugarPill products in my memory.  I also got the Halloween capsule palette, so I’ll throw that in here as well.

There were 5 loose pigment shadows that I didn’t pick up; they looked nice, and I do have fond memories of the loose shadows from SugarPill’s earlier collections (Stella was the SHIT!) but I decided to pass on those since I don’t really work with loose shadows that much and they just tend to sit around and not get used.  But I did pick up the capsule palette as well as the three liquid lipsticks and the three glosses.

Let’s start with the anniversary palette:

I think the packaging on these is so cute and unique – I know that some people hate it, but I am absolutely on board!  It does give me some unique challenges, however, in deciding how to divide it up for swatches!  Luckily, I always feel like dividing it across the middle, like the mirror does to the lid, gives me two fairly coordinated color stories.

For these swatches, I did them over the Ardell In Her Prime eye primer; I just did brush swatches this time around since I couldn’t easily line up the rows with the colors for pictures, and that is how I would apply these shades anyway.  The top photo is under my studio lighting without a flash, and the bottom is the same lighting with a flash.

L to R: Shrinkle, DTLA, Pill Kitty, After Party 2020, Addicted To Pretty

Shrinkle is a fun duochrome shimmer that has a reddish, rusty pink base with cool pink and purple sparkle.  DTLA is a very matte, cool taupe.  Pill Kitty is a deep berry matte.  After Party 2020 is a bright vivid blue matte.  Addicted to Pretty is a pale lavender shimmer with blue glitter and shift.  This selection of color is a great example of why SugarpPill has been such an iconic brand for people looking for color.  Look at those three mattes: there is a neutral, a bright, and a berry, and all three of them are saturated, pigmented, and the swatches turned out beautifully!  The shimmers are also gorgeous, and I love the shifts.

L to R: Valentine, Oaklandish, Laci, Hi Cutie!, Cali

I forgot to mention this earlier (though I did talk about it in my other review of SugarPill, covering volumes 1 and 2 in this series!), but each of the Capsule Collection palettes also has some sort of cheek product, either a blush or a highlight.  Valentine is the blush shade and it’s a lovely bright bubblegum pink, a little bit yellow-leaning, and with nice pigmentation, though you can go light and sheer it out a bit if that’s what you prefer.  Oaklandish is a spring green with pale yellow golden reflect.  Laci is a bright electric peach matte.  Hi Cutie! is a peach shimmer with coppery notes.  Cali is a swampy grass green with strong yellow tones.  It’s a matte, and it did react a bit with the primer, darkening around the edges.

This palette is gorgeous, and it’s a perfect mix of then and now: some of the shades are nods to earlier shades in the collection, and some are brand new and lovely additions to their lineup.

The collection offered three metallic liquid lipsticks.  A lot of brands struggle with metallics, and I’ve always loved the way that the SugarPill metallics look and wear on the lips.

L to R: Heartstrings, Nocturne, Clockwork

Heartstrings is a bright fuchsia pink with iridescent glitter.  Nocturne is a periwinkle purple with glitter.  Clockwork is a pastel peachy orange with golden shimmer.  All of these apply a little bit sheer, and while you can get good coverage with two coats, they aren’t fully opaque.  They are lovely, and I created a soft, breathy peach diffused lip in a recent Face Friday post, but definitely use a lip liner and fill the lips all the way in if you want to bump up to opacity and get the best coverage.

The collection also included three glosses.  I have only tried one of their glosses in the past, and it was fine.  I’m not a huge gloss nut, so I never expected these to really blow me away or anything, but they have some nice base color and the glitter is really pretty in these.  SugarPill definitely doesn’t skimp on the glitter!

L to R: Chrysalis, Purity, Neptune

Chrysalis is a bright yellow pink with iridescent glitter.  Purity is a white/silver base with iridescent glitter.  Neptune is a pale cyan blue with golden and iridescent glitter.  These are really nice; they feel slick and smooth on the lips without being sticky, and the glitter is very nice.  There isn’t a ton of base pigment, but it’s definitely there, and if you wear this over a coordinated liner or lipstick, it will help bump up the color while adding shine and sparkle.

It seems like SugarPill has really slowed down the last few years, and I hope that they make it out of this pandemic alright.  They are one of the classics from my early days of getting into makeup YouTube, and so many of the greats are gone (like the aforementioned Lip Tar!).

Before we go, let’s take a look at the C3 “Black Edition” Capsule palette that came out right before Halloween last year.  It came out too close to Halloween, but too late for me to include it in my annual “Glam Ghoul” series of reviews, so I stashed it away, not sure if I would review it or not.  When I saw the Anniversary collection, I decided this was the perfect time to sneak it in!

There are definitely some shades in here that are giving me similar vibes to the Moonspell palette from Lunar Beauty, but the bright peach blush gives it a certain playfulness that palette (although gorgeous) didn’t have.

L to R: Firestarter, Ritual, Oogie, Grimm, Purgatory

Firestarter is a bright golden shimmer that leans just a tiny bit orange, though not as orange as it appears in the pan.  Once it’s applied, it is definitely much more of a gold.  Ritual is a bright blue with silvery shimmer and small hints of turquoise.  Oogie is a swampy yellow-green matte.  Grimm is a mustard green matte.  It looks a little rough around the edges, but that’s just because some of the blue shade on the end got into it by mistake.  There wasn’t a lot of fallout with this palette, though there was some kickup in the pans, but I missed the little bit of blue and didn’t feel like re-prepping my arm, so here we are.  That blue shade, by the way, is Purgatory, and it’s a deep royal blue matte.

L to R: Superstitious, Gloomy, Hex, Psycho Candy, Coven

Superstitious is a bright peach blush, very pigmented but blendable.  Gloomy is a bright orchid pastel matte.  Hex is a dark blue shimmer with lighter blue reflects.  Psycho Candy is a berry pink with cool silvery metallic reflect.  Coven is a deeper version of Gloomy, matte and with a more pronounced red undertone.

This palette is the same high quality as the other capsule palettes, and I think the color story is the best of all 4.

I think it’s a shame that SugarPill doesn’t get the same amount of notice that it used to get.  Yes, I know that there are a lot more brands out there than there were 5-10 years ago when SugarPill was at their height, but they are still turning out great products that are saturated and fun to play with, and their packaging continues to be cute and innovative.  In a world of mass produced rectangle palettes, they keep me interested!

Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but their brand keeps my addiction to color sated and I’m here for whatever they have to offer!

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